Instagram Collab Post – Hack to Engagement Boost in 2023

Instagram collab post - hack to engagement boost in 2023
Instagram Collab Post - Hack To Engagement Boost In 2023 1

With the advent of social media, businesses have been able to reach out and engage with customers in a more personal and meaningful way. Instagram has emerged as one of the most popular platforms for companies to leverage, and its Instagram Collab Post feature allows two users to share the same post in their own Feed or Reels. With its diverse range of features, it’s no wonder that over 90% of Instagram users follow at least one brand on the platform.

As a business owner or marketing manager, you may be looking for ways to get more out of your social media presence. If so, then considering Instagram collab posts could be the right tactic for you. By co-authoring Feed posts and Reels with influencers and content creators, you can reach a larger audience and boost engagement without building your own audience from the ground up.

In this article, we’ll explain how merchants can use Instagram collab posts with influencers to boost engagement on the platform. We’ll explore what a collab post is, how it works, and why you should consider using them for your business. So let’s dive in and make 2023 the year you take your social media presence to the next level!

1. What is an Instagram collab post?

An Instagram collab post is a single, co-made Feed Post or Reel that shows up on two accounts simultaneously. One account posts and invites a second account to collaborate. Once the second account accepts, the collab post and its likes, comments, and shares will be shared by both accounts.

At the moment, you can only include one collaborator besides yourself in each collab post or Reel. Also, note that the collab feature is not available for Lives or Stories format.

2. How do Instagram collab posts benefit your business?

Influencers and content creators have amassed large followerships, often composed of potential customers or people interested in your brand. If they share your post, their followers will see it, and you can introduce your brand to a larger audience.

  • Reach
  • Engagement
  • Followers
  • Sales


Collab posts are a great way to tap into the engaged audiences of influencers and content creators. Instead of spending time and energy trying to get your business seen through organic search, collabs allow you to team up with an influencer to reach their followers in just one post. This saves you time and money while increasing the potential for reaching new audiences.


Collab posts also provide an opportunity to boost levels of engagement on your account. By teaming up with influencers, you have the potential to attract more comments and likes from their followers – which in turn keeps your content visible and drives more organic traffic to your profile. This increased engagement can also lead to more followers, which is crucial to your business’s long-term growth on Instagram.


By utilizing an Instagram collab post and enlisting the help of influencers, you can gain exposure to new and relevant audiences who may not have been aware of your business before. Through a trusted and familiar voice, followers can learn more about your brand and follow you if interested.


Collab posts also can increase your sales by providing an opportunity to showcase your products or services in front of a larger and more engaged audience. When you tap into influencers’ followers, they are more likely to take action and buy from you because the influencer has already built a connection with them. With the right tactics and call the action, this could be an effective way to increase your sales without paying for expensive advertising campaigns.

3. How to create a collab post on Instagram

To set up a collab post and make it appear on both accounts as co-authors, the influencer or content creator creates the content in either a Feed post or Reel format and sends an invitation to the business’s handle to collaborate. Once the business accepts the invitation, the post will be visible on both the influencer’s and the business’s profiles.

Influencer’s steps to create a collab post on Instagram:

Step 1: Create a Feed Post or Reel

Step 2: Click Tag People from the menu

Step 3: Click Invite Collaborator

Step 4: Search and add an account

Step 5: Share the content

4. How to accept a collab post request on Instagram

Once the post has been published by the collaborating influencer, the business must accept the invitation through the app for the post to appear. To do this, simply follow the steps below.

Business’s steps to accept a collab post request on Instagram:

Step 1: Click the Home icon located on the lower left of the screen.

Step 2: Click the Heart icon located at the upper right of the screen. (a

Step 3: Locate and select the collab post invite notification

Step 4: Click the blue Review button

Step 5: Click Accept

5. Make Instagram collabs a part of your ongoing routine

Incorporating Instagram Collab Posts into your ongoing social strategy is essential for businesses in 2023. These collaborations are becoming increasingly prevalent in the creator economy, so it’s important to rethink your marketing approach and make Instagram collabs a part of your routine.

It is recommended that small businesses start by collaborating with 3-5 influencers per month. This approach will help build the foundation of an effective online word-of-mouth campaign while providing enough time to adjust and perfect your process before scaling up. Once you have mastered the system, collaborating with 10-20 influencers monthly within a similar niche will help to keep your brand at the forefront of any audience’s mind. Additionally, working with different target groups can also be beneficial for expanding brand recognition and visibility.


Leveraging Instagram collab posts with influencers is essential for businesses in 2023. Not only will this help build brand awareness and recognition, but it can increase followers and even drive sales if done right. To ensure success, small businesses should start by collaborating with 3-5 influencers per month and then scale up to 10-20 as they become more experienced. With a little bit of planning and effort, collab posts can be the key to driving success in the digital space!

Maximizing visibility through Instagram collab posts can be an effective tool in your marketing strategy, as long as the process is properly managed. YNUN Influencer Marketing Hub provides a comprehensive solution to streamline the recruiting and management of influencers and content creators. This user-friendly platform requires no prior experience and offers affordable packages for businesses of all sizes. Get started today and discover the potential of instagram collab posts for your business! Sign up here and receive three free influencers to start building meaningful collaborations.

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Leveraging Instagram collab posts with influencers is an invaluable tool for businesses in 2023. Not only do they help build recognition and brand awareness, but they can also drive sales if used correctly. To ensure success, start by collaborating with 3-5 influencers per month and scale up to 10-20 influencers as you gain experience. With the right approach, Instagram collab posts can help maximize visibility and provide the foundation for a successful online presence.

YNUN Influencer Marketing Hub provides an intuitive platform to streamline the recruitment and management of influencers and content creators. This user-friendly system requires no prior experience and offers affordable packages for businesses of all sizes. Sign up now to receive three free influencers to kickstart your journey. Discover the potential of Instagram collab posts for your business today!


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