How to Get More Instagram Comments in 2023 – 5 do’s and 5 don’ts

Are you a business owner or marketing manager struggling to engage your audience on Instagram? If so, then look no further. In today’s article, we’ll be discussing how to get more comments on Instagram in 2023, with an emphasis on leveraging influencers through YNUN Influencer Marketing Hub. With these actionable tips and tricks, your business will be able to garner genuine comments from real people with no risk of getting your account flagged. Here’s what we’ll cover:

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1. Do – publish high-quality Instagram posts

If you want to increase engagement with your Instagram content, it is essential that you post high-quality pictures. Your photos should be well-composed and have interesting subjects in order to draw users’ attention and encourage them to comment. Try to post content that relates to your profile’s theme, as this will help attract an audience who is interested in what you have to offer.

2. Do – use niche hashtags & ask for Instagram comments

As a business owner or marketing manager, it is important to consider how you can use niche hashtags to maximize free traffic through organic reach. Utilizing smaller, more targeted tags can help boost your overall organic reach by up to 20 times! For example, if you are selling furniture in New York City, rather than just tagging your posts with the generic hashtag #furniture, try adding your business location to the hashtag (#nycfurniture). This will make it easier for people in your local area to discover you through the Instagram hashtag browser.

With great content, asking for comments directly in the video or captions is a great way to get more comments on Instagram. If you really want to increase the number of comments on your photos, try asking for them! This may seem like a strange tip, but it can actually be quite effective. When you ask people to leave a comment, they are more likely than not to actually do it. So if you want more comments, don’t be afraid to ask for them!

3. Do – pin comments and delete comments

If a good conversation is happening in the comments, you may want to consider pinning it to keep it at the top. You can pin up to three comments on any of your posts, and you can also un-pin comments if you later change your mind about it. Similarly, if you find that someone has left a spammy comment on one of your posts, make sure to delete it quickly so that it does not reflect poorly on you or your profile. These steps can help make sure that your Instagram profile is clean and inviting for users who could potentially leave positive comments on your posts.

4. Do – engage with your audience

Engaging with your audience is one of the key strategies for getting more comments on Instagram. It’s important to build relationships with those who comment and acknowledge their contributions frequently. Ask them questions, create polls, start discussions, and reply to each comment you receive. Responding to people’s comments will show others that you care about your audience and are willing to engage in conversation. This will encourage more people to comment and create an active, interesting community around your content. Additionally, don’t be afraid to follow up with people who have commented on your post. Sending a message thanking them for their contribution can show how much you appreciate them and help foster a deeper connection between your brnad and your audience. Through these efforts, it’s possible to create an active community where people comment on each other’s posts, which often leads to more conversations and comments in the long run.

5. Do – hire influencers as “Collaborators” for Instagram posts

Hiring influencers as “collaborators” can be an effective way to increase your engagement on Instagram. Influencers have a massive reach and are often willing to post content from your page in exchange for recognition or small compensation. This is an excellent way for you to build relationships with potential customers, spread brand awareness, and get more comments on your posts without needing to do all the leg work yourself.

When collaborating with Instagram influencers, make sure their content appears as both yours and the influencer’s original post. This will give you the added benefit of increasing your overall reach and engagement by leveraging the already established community and engagement of the influencer. This is also a great opportunity to engage with the receptive audience and convert them into followers of your own.

It may also be beneficial for you to hire a marketing manager who can help manage these collaborations, ensure that everything runs smoothly, and give advice about how best to utilize influencer marketing in order to maximize results. By doing so, you will be able to direct more attention toward your Instagram profile, giving you more opportunities to receive comments on your posts.

6. Don’t – leave one-word or emoji-only Instagram comments

When commenting on an Instagram post, steer clear of leaving one-word or emoji-only comments. These types of comments do not offer any context nor create a conversation around the post. To engage with the post effectively, provide meaningful opinions and ask questions that can generate further discussion. Establishing conversations is a great way to build connections online and also helps Instagram identify your comments as valuable to the community.

7. Don’t – comment just to get attention

It’s important to focus on genuinely engaging with your community in order to get more comments. Don’t just comment on posts with the intention of getting likes or comments – this defeats the purpose of interacting and creating meaningful relationships through Instagram. Many people will recognize when you are leaving a generic comment that adds no value, and this won’t help you to get more comments. Instead, strive to post meaningful comments that create conversation and make your followers feel welcome in the Instagram community. If you are passionate about a certain post or topic, sharing your thoughts will likely encourage others to comment as well, creating a positive environment for engagement.

While it’s important to engage with popular posts, you should also try to leave comments on less popular posts as well. This way, you’ll be more likely to get noticed by the person who posted the content, and your comment will carry more weight since it’s not coming from someone who is only looking to get attention for themselves.

9. Don’t – ask to visit your site, profile, or participate in a contest

If you’re looking to get more comments on your Instagram posts in 2023, it’s important to avoid tactics that make you look like a spammer. Asking users to visit your website or profile or participate in a contest through an Instagram comment will make you look desperate and push people away. Making comments about them or their content instead of what you want from them is a much better approach to building a community.

10. Don’t – delete comments or ignore comments even if they are negative

Rather than deleting or ignoring negative comments, it’s important to address them professionally and promptly. Ignoring negative comments could make them stand out even more while deleting them could raise suspicion about you or your brand. Take the time to respond to each comment carefully, showing your audience that their feedback is valued and heard.

When a negative comment is posted, you should respond as soon as possible. Be apologetic and discuss the issue privately with the customer. Appreciate their feedback, ask how you can help, and take action to resolve the problem. It’s better not to delete the comment but address it and demonstrate how you got better than before.

Tip: how to delete comments on Instagram?

Delete a comment on Instagram in 3 steps:

  1. locate the comment
  2. swipe left
  3. click the trashcan icon

Mistakes are not the end of the world, and it’s okay if you accidentally made one. If you have said something wrong unintentionally or posted something factually incorrect on a post, you can erase it in the blink of an eye. That said, please note that you can only delete your comments and others’ comments on your posts. This implies that you can’t delete comments from other people on a post that doesn’t belong to you. Besides, Instagram does not give users the option to edit comments. But, you can always replace them with a new one in case you want to. Just delete the old comment and then post a new one in its place. So, there you have it! Now deleting unwanted or incorrect comments on Instagram is no big deal.

Tip: how to pin comments on Instagram?

Pinning a comment on Instagram is a great way to highlight positive feedback and incentivize thoughtful conversation. Since you can pin up to three comments on your posts, you can unpin one and replace it if one comes in that you think is better. Here’s how you can pin a comment on Instagram in 3 steps.

  1. locate the comment
  2. swipe left
  3. click the gray pushpin icon

Tip: what to do if you couldn’t post a comment on Instagram?

If you’re not able to add a comment, first try updating your app. If that doesn’t work and the app is up-to-date, then there could be another reason for the error message.

  • You have more than 5 @ mentions in a single comment
  • You have more than 30 # hashtags in a single comment
  • You have regulated words/phrases in your comment
  • You have a temporary comment ban for over-engaging, pause for a few hours/days


In order to get more comments on your Instagram posts in 2023, it’s important to have an effective strategy that goes beyond just posting interesting content. Creating quality content that resonates with your target audience, using tags and hashtags to expand reach, and engaging with followers are all great ways to drive meaningful engagement and get more comments. Additionally, hiring influencers as collaborators to leverage established communities can help you gain more comments, boost your credibility, and increase your information speed simultaneously.

These tactics can help to create an interactive environment for your followers and encourage ongoing engagement, allowing you to gain more comments, boost your credibility, and increase your profile’s reach.

By following these guidelines, you will have a much better chance of increasing your comment count in 2023. With the right approach and effort, you can quickly start seeing more comments on your posts and be part of a vibrant and engaging community on Instagram.

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