5 Affordable Influencer Marketing Case Studies With Amazing Results

This article will provide five case studies of successful affordable influencer marketing campaigns, highlighting the unique strategies and results that each achieved.

Case Study #1: Bigelow Tea

Bigelow Tea, the popular tea producer, set out to boost their products’ visibility and promote healthier living. To do so, they launched an influencer marketing campaign that saw social media personalities incorporating Bigelow tea into their content.

Bigelow Tea gave influencers creative freedom to create their own content. This resulted in content that was better than what the team could have produced on their own. For example, Blogger Ashley Thurman of Cherished Bliss shared a recipe that included Bigelow tea and lemonade ice cubes. Meanwhile, Jess from A Million Moments provided her readers with a guide on making flower pots from Bigelow tea packaging.


The bloggers were able to generate more than 32,000 blog page engagements for the sponsored posts. Bigelow Tea experienced an 18.5% increase in sales, and the total media value for the company increased threefold, all thanks to their influencer marketing strategy.

The influencers’ ability to naturally include the products in their content was a major factor in the success of the campaign.

Case Study #2: Leesa.com

Leesa, a direct-to-consumer mattress company, wanted to win the trust of their target audience through unbiased reviews.

Since they only sell online, they decided to use influencer marketing to reach their target audience effectively. To do this, they looked for micro-influencers who had a high engagement rate with their followers.

The brand provided these influencers with creative freedom and only gave them a few talking points to ensure that the reviews were unbiased and authentic.

Blogs such as Sleepopolis reviewed Leesa mattresses and shared their readers’ feedback on the brand’s service and product quality. Additionally, they provided a coupon code to help their readers save money on their purchase.


Through this influencer marketing effort, Leesa generated more than 400 mattress sales and 100,000 clicks to the brand’s website.

This campaign’s success was due to connecting with relevant, highly engaging, and trustworthy influencers.

Case Study #3: Bonobos

Bonobos, a men’s clothing brand, wanted to promote their Summer Collection through social media and digital marketing campaigns. To do this, they launched the #BetterThanAC campaign to emphasize that the new collection was designed to keep men cool. To leverage this campaign, they partnered with Foster Huntington, an influential videographer and photographer. The influencer created several posts showcasing Bonobos clothing in the midst of outdoor summer moments. The images blended seamlessly with the influencer’s usual content, making them appear less promotional.


The influencer marketing campaign resulted in 5.1 million impressions and 68,200 engagements in the form of likes, shares, and comments.

Bonobos saw a threefold increase in their average engagement rate thanks to the content created by this influencer.

By allowing the influencer to create sponsored content that blended well with his usual images and tone, the influencer marketing tactic seemed natural, and more believable.

Case Study #4: Pedigree

Pedigree aimed to humanize their brand by standing up for a cause. A study conducted by Cone Communications revealed that 90% of consumers are willing to switch to a brand associated with a positive cause.

In response, the company launched the “Buy a Bag, Give a Bowl” campaign to support a national effort, and amplified it with the help of influencers. These influencers promoted the campaign through their social media content, blog posts, and videos.

Instagram Influencer Kristyn Cole used stories about her pets to promote Pedigree dog food from Sam’s Club, with the promise that for every bag purchased, a bowl of food would be donated to a dog in need.


Pedigree’s influencer marketing efforts resulted in an increase of 1.3 times in total media value, 43 million impressions, and over 62,800 content views.

Pedigree’s influencer marketing campaign also resulted in over 9,300 blog post engagements, and won the love of their audience.

Using influencers to evoke emotion and encourage responsible behavior helped the brand accomplish the goals of their campaign.

Case Study #5: Bob’s Red Mill

Bob’s Red Mill, a producer of unprocessed, non-GMO food products, wanted to increase awareness and promote usage of their products around the holidays. To accomplish this, they enlisted influencers with baking and cooking skills, as well as a passion for healthy, organic ingredients.

Bloggers such as Pamela of Brooklyn Farm Girl and Jenna of Eat Drink Pretty created recipes using Bob’s Red Mill ingredients, showcasing their quality and versatility. This encouraged their readers to see the products for themselves.

Additionally, the brand hosted a virtual holiday-themed party on Twitter to spark further conversations about their products.


The influencer marketing campaign resulted in over 50 million impressions on social media. Additionally, it drove 2,200+ clicks to the brand’s coupon and website. By featuring the products in action, the influencers inspired their followers to buy, and use the products as well.

Strategic Influencer Marketing Leads to Impressive Results – Conclusion

Case studies have demonstrated that when brands use strategic influencer marketing campaigns, the results can be impressive. Two key elements of success are:

  1. Activating relevant influencers with high engagement rates.
  2. Allowing influencers creative freedom to create content that blends with their usual content.

When used properly, influencer marketing can be an effective tool to gain awareness, engagement, trustworthiness, and sales.

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