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All-in-one Influencer Marketing Platform made easy

YNUN is the easiest way to find, hire, and work with influencers for your brand.

It only takes a few minutes of your time.

No experience is required.

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Easy & Scalable Marketing Solutions

YNUN is the one and only stop you need to manage everything influencer marketing related. Via YNUN, you can not only find and hire vetted talent but also monitor the results of their work, and download content created by the influencers in your campaigns.

Collab Request

We make communicating and managing influencers easy for you. Organize and manage your influencers better by collab requests.

Creative Assets

Access and download pictures and videos created by your influencers all at once for your marketing needs. Whether it's a social media post, an ad or any other marketing material, having quality images on hand will really help to grab people's attention.


Our message function keeps all your conversations organized to manage efficiently. To save you time, you can even broadcast messages to your influencers.


Not sure which influencer to hire? See what other brands have said about their collab experiences as a guide.


IGC - Influencer Generated Content

See what our influencers have done for our clients. #youneedusnow #ynun

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